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Yogamasterji Illustration

Yoga is one of the richest spiritual heritages of Bharathavarsha. This ancient wisdom of the human race, yoga is a nectar that everyone can enjoy and lead a happy life.

Yoga became popular in a short time. Today, we are seeing a huge number of people involving in the practice of yoga. Many of them are constantly searching for more information about yoga and its practice. There are many attempts by various people and organizations to meet the demands of the yoga practitioners and enthusiasts. The sudden growth in the number of students and demand for teachers has brought a pressure on the teachers to teach and on the students to find out the teachers of their choice.

Mean the time, yoga teachers and schools started promoting yoga on the lines of a business commodity creating a confusion among the people. We find a lot of information and different styles of yoga classes. Yoga practitioners especially those who are new to yoga and want to learn and practice yoga are forced to think what should they select and practice.

To help these types of people, YogaMasterji is trying its best to provide useful information and guidance for them.

Yoga Classes

At present, YogaMasterji has stopped giving formal classes due to the global health condition. YogaMasterji will begin the classes soon everything comes to a normal condition. The place of class and the timings of the classes will be informed later.

The classes will be in
  • Asana
  • Pranayama
  • Teacher training
  • Yoga philosophy

More details about these such as style of yoga, duration of classes, fee etc., will be provided at the time of the beginning of the classes.

Online Classes

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The most concise screencasts for the enthusiast yoga lover.