About Masterji

There's a chance you may already know me!

I am Masterji the name given to me by my students. I am teaching yoga for over 50 years. My brand name is YogaMasterji. Foundation of Pathanjala Yoga Kendra which I stared in 1970 is my centre where I teach yoga.

I hail from Mysore the world-famous yoga city and I belong to the yoga family of Mysore that has strong roots in Yoga. My passion is to spread about yoga and its practice around the globe.

I began my yoga journey as a student of my uncle Yogasana Visharada Vidwan K. Pattabhi Jois when I was 12 years old and has had over 15 years of direct study with him.

In 1973, I began conducting formal yoga classes in Bangalore and I became a full-time yoga teacher. Since then I am receiving students of all levels from all over the world.

I have travelled to several countries giving yoga classes and of course, still travelling. Every time I travel I return back with huge enthusiasm to continue to teach yoga as long as I can. My students compliment my zeal of teaching yoga and say ` Masterji, --- Perfecting the practice`

At present, I am receiving more students to get trained by me in yoga philosophy, practice and teaching to become yoga teachers. Some of my old students, make it a point to come to my class periodically to practice and to cherish the sweetness of practising in my class.

I am proud to say that people from all walks of life and age, social, national background, ailments/disabilities come to take my yoga classes.

All these days of learning, practising and teaching yoga has given me a wealth of knowledge. To share my knowledge with all of you, I have started this project where I want to exchange what I have learned and experienced.

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I will teach you everything I know about Yoga.

M S Viswanath