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About Raja Yoga

Raja means a king. When the people come across the word Raja the king, they think that this raja is the head of a state. Here, in this practice of Raja yoga, raja is referred to as the head of the group, whether the group is a small one with a couple of members or a big or large group having thousands or millions of members.

8 lessons
  1. Section 1 Introduction

    1. This discussion is an attempt to follow the ancient principles and practices of Raja Yoga.

    2. In ashtanga yoga, Raja Yoga is called the chief or the best yoga.

  2. Section 2 Raja Yogis

    1. Sanatana Dharma has produced a number of rulers throughout the history of Bharathavarsha.

    2. Many people, even today in the city of Mysore, become emotional when they see the monuments, places and members of Mysore Royal family.

  3. Section 3 My Professor Story

    1. The mathematics professor had a unique style which was a mixture of desire and ambition of a humble man and a command and control of a monarch.

    2. Maharaja took the name of the professor and the name of the school he was studying and went away.

    3. Maharaja had sent the messenger to take the professor to the court of Maharaja in the palace.

    4. The purpose of narrating these incidents is to remind the students of Raja Yoga that the result of practising Raja Yoga is the acquisition of the Royal Consciousness.