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About the man

This society is always busy with the matters pertaining to its members. A lot of discussions about the various needs of and importance of, are continually going on in the society.

5 lessons
    1. Some of the topics of discussion will be interesting, curious and exciting. The expression, ‘Oh! Men; Wah! Women’ is heard frequently during the discussions.

    2. There was an opportunity for me to hear one of the speakers on an incident relating to man. read further in this lesson

    3. One of my students from the United States was invited to attend a wedding in my city.

    4. Once in a way, I go to hear the talks and lectures of learned people. I went to one of satsanghs of a scholar who was explaining about the creation of various species

    5. Rasakreeda is a popular dance, generally referred to the dance of Sri Krishna with the gopis.