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Ashramas, the stages of life

The Vedas divide our lives into four diļ¬€erent stages, called the four ashramas. These four periods of life are called "the four stages of action":  They are brahmacharya, grihastha, vanasprastha and sannyasa.

8 lessons
  1. Section 1 Brahmacharya According to Stages of Samskara

    1. The Vedas have laid down the four stages of life to make the journey of life a successful and peaceful one.

    2. Here, in the stage of brahmacharya ashrama, the individual leads the life of a student. In this stage, the aim of the individual is to acquire the knowledge.

    3. Grihasta is a householder living with a family and dedicating his life to domestic affairs.

    4. This stage is also called a stage of forest dweller.

    5. This is the stage of renunciation of all attachments, and the spiritual and the physical preparation for death.

  2. Section 2 Vanprashthashrma

    1. The cause of renunciation is the feeling of disgust towards worldly things. The day one becomes averse to the world, one should renounce.

  3. Section 3 Practice of Brahmacharya

    1. "I am a devotee of Siva, the Yogi among all the yogis. I follow Him to practice my celibacy." -- Masterji

    2. It is said that the kings who perform one hundred sacrifices will become Indra, the king of gods. Jealousy is inborn in most people, including the gods.