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Evolution and the human behaviour

Evolution is an eternal process. Evolution happens continuously. You may not see or notice the evolution that is taking place, quietly.

8 lessons
    1. The study of human behaviour is an interesting subject.

    2. In the process of learning, observation takes an important place. You can gather information by observing.

    3. Now, try to recollect your past experience of gathering information about the people and remember how they behave, how they talk, walk, look, express, shout etc., and list them

    4. Every living species performs various karmas, actions related to its group.

    5. Once the Creator called a donkey, a dog, an owl and a man and told them that He had decided to give, each of them, forty years to live.

    6. Yoga has its own way of understanding man and his behaviour.

    7. Yoga is a practice for the entire body, that is, body, mind, senses; physical, mental and emotional aspects of the body.