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How to start the practice of prathyahara?

The human being has an innumerable number of desires. There is no end to these desires which arise in one form or another.
7 lessons
  1. Section 1 Control over senses through prathyahara

    1. There is a general technique in decision making in all your life activities. Decision making is not an easy task. Many a time, you take a quick or random decision and may get a favourable result.

    2. It is a well-known fact that food, eating and related activities are popular all over the world. This food is seen by both the provider and the consumer.

  2. Section 2 Practice of prathyahara on five senses

    1. There is no limit to the varieties of the food. There are a lot of dishes of food to eat all over the world. Each place in the world has its own special food.

    2. The eyes are the strongest of all sense organs. The eyes influence the majority of the activities. The eyes are the first organs that collect information about everything.

    3. Sound is the secret of all living beings. The organ of hearing, the ear has a major role to play in our lives.

    4. The nose is one of the sensitive organs. The functioning of the nose is not easy to describe.

    5. The skin is the sense organ of touch. When you touch an object, there is a sensation and you feel this sensation. When you touch a hot body, you feel the heat and when you touch the ice, you feel cold.