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Mind in Hatha Yoga and Raja Yoga

The place of mind in Hatha Yoga and Raja Yoga: In the practice of Hatha Yoga mind is completely outside the body. In the practice of Raja Yoga mind is inside the body.

6 lessons
    1. When the individual practices Hatha Yoga, his mind is busy with the ideas of the objects which are outside his body.

    2. It is not easy for the individual to take the mind inside immediately from the external world.

    3. The mind is like a free bird.

    4. Your practice of samadhi is taking place inside your body and the mind is inside your body.

    5. Swan is described as the vehicle of Brahma and also of the Goddess Saraswathi.

    6. The type of breathing where the mantra of Hamsa is recited is called Ajapā-Gāyaṭrī.