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Phases of understanding the words

Information and its acquisition, The collectors, The structure of a word, Misunderstanding of words and expressions, The three ways of understanding a word, The perception of the object and Conclusion

7 lessons
    1. The job of the mind is to gather information. With the help of the sense-organs, mind collects information. Manas, that is the mind gathers information without any discrimination. The mind does not think whether the information it is collecting is right or wrong, needed or useless, etc., but simply receives information on anything and everything with the help of various sense-organs.

    2. Collecting more information may not increase the level of knowledge. There is a difference between information and knowledge. Increase in knowledge leads to wisdom. Increase in information brings confusion. A person with knowledge has information. A person with information may not know about the information he has.

    3. Every letter of a word gives a particular sound leading to a certain understanding of the word. The emphasis or the force of the letter of the word gives an expression of the meaning of the word.

    4. There are many reasons for misunderstanding words and their expressions. Misunderstanding will be more if the words and expressions are wrongly used or quoted, etc.

    5. Every word is understood in three ways - gross way, subtle way and supreme way.

    6. The perception of the word, object and idea are mixed up. We can see this in three levels of perceptions.

    7. If you collect a lot of information about the subject yoga you may not become a learned person. You might have collected information but might have mixed up everything.