Sutras from 11 to 20

All-pointedness is a characteristic of the mind. All-pointedness means distractedness; distraction. It cannot be destroyed. Its destruction is only its disappearance.
8 lessons
  1. Section 1 The inner transformation

    1. The trance modification is the destruction of all pointedness and the rise of one-pointedness.

    2. Thence again comes and the mental modification of one-pointedness, when the subsiding and rising cognitive acts are similar.

    3. Dharma, the modification of the primary quality: - Dharma is the primary quality in the modification of characteristics. The disappearance and the appearance of the outgoing activity and suppression are dharma the primary quality in the modification of characteristics.

    4. The object characterised is that which is common to the latent, the rising and unpredictable (that may be predicable or affirmed) characteristics.

    5. The distinctness of succession is the reason for the distinctness of modifications.

  2. Section 2 The shabda

    1. By samyama over the three-fold change, that is dharma characteristic, lakshana the secondary quality and avastha condition, comes the knowledge of the past and future.

    2. By samyama on the previous thought waves, the yogi obtains the knowledge of past lives. By bringing samskaras the residual potencies into consciousness by the practice of samyama, the knowledge of the previous life-status.

    3. Of the notions, the knowledge of other minds. Through samyama, one acquires the ability to understand the minds of others.