Sutras from 35 to 44

By higher hearing, the hearing of the divine sound comes; the enlightened hearing.
7 lessons
    1. The knowledge of the subtle, intercepted, remote and past and future comes by praathibha, the prescience.

    2. The mind may enter another body, on relaxation of the cause of bondage, and by knowledge of the passages of the mind.

    3. By mastery over udaana, ascension and non-contact with water, mud, thorns etc. Udana governs the lungs and the upper part of the body, the upward vital air.

    4. By samyama over the relation between Akasha and the power of hearing comes to the higher power of hearing.

    5. When the citta vritti is outside of the body, it is called Maha Videha. By that, the veil of the light is destroyed.

    6. By practising samyama on sthula the gross, svarupa - the substantive, sukshma - the astral, anvaya - conjunction, and arthavattva - purposefulness, mastery over pancha bhutas - the elements is obtained.

    7. Then the manifestation of attenuation (anima) and the other powers; as also the perfection of the body and non-resistance by their characteristics.