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Synonymous terms of Samadhi

Hatha Yoga Pradipika gives the following synonymous terms of Samadhi: Raja yoga, samadhi, unmani, manonmani, amarathva, laya, tatva, shunya, asunya, paramapada, amanaska, advaita, niralamba, niranjana, jivanmukthi, sahaja and turiya. That means all these are the same state of being in samadhi.

16 lessons
    1. The various terms used in the spiritual study have a deep meaning and understanding.

    2. The state of unmanī means the state which is above manas.

    3. Manonmani avastha is a state of higher consciousness.

    4. Amarathva means imperishable. Immortality.

    5. Laya is a state of disappearance, dissolution.

    6. Tattva is the essence; the existence of the real state.

    7. Shunya means void; empty, vacant; non-existent, bare or naked, vacuum, non-entity.

    8. Ashunya is a state where there is the Supreme Spirit, which is also known as Self.

    9. Parama Pada is the state of Brahman.

    10. Amanasaka is a state of non-perception.

    11. Advaita represents non-duality; monism.

    12. Niralamba means without any support.

    13. Niranajana is a state free from pollution.

    14. Jīvanmukṭi is emancipation. Jīvanmukṭas are those who have attained the emancipation.

    15. Sahaja means natural.

    16. Turiya is the fourth state of consciousness which is beyond the jagrat, Swapna and sushpthi states.