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The yoga students should know and understand that there is a power in every the parts of the body, mind and senses. The students should practice to acquire and develop these powers which bring the balance of the mind. In the name of alignment of the asana, if the student gets stuck at a point and cannot go further, then the student should think whether he is doing the asana according to the asana or due to some other idea.

2 lessons
    1. Today, yoga has become one of the most popular activities. You can find yoga everywhere in one form or others. There are yoga schools, ashrams, wellness centres etc. conducting yoga classes, courses, retreats, and many other places organising activities in the name of yoga. People are having many opportunities to do yoga.

    2. The yoga teachers and schools help the students to know and understand their ordinary external consciousness. Whatever external help the students need these will be provided by the yoga teachers and the yoga schools.